The 2021 Emages Executives of the Year Awardstm offers the perfect environment for Individuals to increase their profile within the Nigeria Business Community.

In addition to leading entrepreneurs and business owners from across the Nigeria Business Community, the guest list will include a significant number of key staff from major government and public agencies together with senior representation from the business and voluntary sector. Attendees will benefit from networking with some of the most successful top business executives in the country whilst enjoying excellent cuisine.

For individuals, the 2021 Emages Executives of the Year Awardstm will attracts over 200 business guests, and – through support – will provide an ideal platform for your individual business and organization to increase its profile within the Nigeria Business Community.

Here are just a few reasons why you should support the Emages Executives of the Year Awardstm….

  • Meet senior decision-makers from Nigeria’s leading business organizations
  • Gain access to the Nigeria Business Community pre, during and post-event
  • Support and be associated with fast-growing, business entrepreneurial companies
  • Build a strong partnership with EMAGES MULTIMEDIA LTD via all our multimedia services
  • Build a strong public association between your organization and regional regeneration
  • Benefit from high profile branding, pre, during and post-event
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Gain valuable coverage in local, regional, continental and international media
  • Educate this influential audience about your products and services
  • Entertain clients at the Emages Executives of the Year Awardstm ceremony, bearing your brand

For more information please download a copy of the latest Individual Support Booklet.



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The Executive Award Logo 2021
2021 Emages Executive of the Year Awards Trophy